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Unlocking the opportunity of surplus asset disposal
Whitepaper by Liquidity Services
Unlocking the opportunity of surplus asset disposal
Disposing of surplus assets presents an opportunity for purchasing functions to deliver a new kind of value to the organisation Many businesses struggle to maximise the value of their old and unused assets – leaving value on the table as they seek to dispose of equipment they no longer need. Thanks to its commercial acumen and ability to structure deals, procurement is the function that is best placed to solve this challenge and ensure the organisation continues to sweat the assets until the very end of their life cycle.
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Integrating procurement technology across diverse ecosystems
Whitepaper by OpenText
Integrating procurement technology across diverse ecosystems
Numerous options are available to help procurement functions successfully integrate procurement tools across heterogeneous ecosystems
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Whitepaper by Promena
Delivering simple, coordinated procurement services
In partnership with Promena, this whitepaper looks at the advantages of agile, cloud-based solutions in helping digital procurement capability gain traction among users.
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Whitepaper by Mintec
Building resilience with better data: beating the threat of input cost price inflation
In the wake of severe disruption, businesses’ risk management strategies will face severe tests. For procurement, and not least direct procurement, volatility is both an ongoing threat to continuity and the bottom line – and a significant influence on the effectiveness of procurement strategies for months and years to come. The decision-making required to meet that challenge requires the right data and the ability to analyse it effectively. How teams prepare themselves in terms of developing capability, integrating a data-led forecasting process into direct procurement strategy, will influence how well their businesses cope with 2022 market conditions and beyond. What does an effective data-led strategy to counter volatility look like, and what’s required to support that? Download this whitepaper, created in partnership with Mintec, to find out.
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Case study by Brooklyn Vendor Assurance
Danske Bank Drives Supply Chain Governance and Compliance Using Brooklyn; Achieves 200% Resource Efficiency Gains and Digital Fitness for Audit
Danske Bank rendered itself "Digitally Fit for Audit" across all Supply Chain governance activities, much of which the Danish Financial Services Authority audits on a regular basis. It simultaneously doubled the number of contracts under active management per Contract Manager, following adoption of Brooklyn as the core vendor management platform for central IT.
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