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Leveraging Performance Management to Elevate the Strategic Value of Procurement
Whitepaper by Per Angusta
Leveraging Performance Management to Elevate the Strategic Value of Procurement
Procurement digitalisation initiatives are accelerating as CPOs around the world seek to enhance their function’s operational effectiveness and strategic value. As this momentum continues to build, new research reveals that these digitalisation initiatives are advancing steadily with a host of sophisticated new technologies rapidly gaining traction.
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Making a difference through procurement: From supplier diversity to economic inclusion
Whitepaper by Kearney
Making a difference through procurement: From supplier diversity to economic inclusion
A growing number of organisations are pursuing supplier diversity programmes. Individually, their motivations for doing so vary. So, too, do their objectives – and how they set about actually working to improve supplier diversity. When it comes to supplier diversity, there are few hard and fast rules. Yet is supplier diversity even the right objective? Emerging research from the University of Tennessee’s Haslam College of Business makes the compelling case that economic inclusion should, in fact, be the real destination.
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Whitepaper by GEP
Research: Targeted resilience: A new era of value
Procurement Leaders research, in partnership with GEP, explores how CPOs are balancing risks and growth in a complex environment
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Whitepaper by Taulia
Profitability through Inventory Management: A new approach
Over the last few decades, technology has driven significant change in consumer behaviour, and manufacturing processes have moved from lean efficiency to agility. With inventory management increasingly linked to competitive advantage and profitability, inventory processes have had to adapt. The pandemic changed everything, bringing with it supply shortages, increased shipping costs and greater uncertainty. Corporations have reacted by holding higher levels of safety stock, which comes at a cost. Today, balancing the competing priorities of holding just enough inventory to avoid production outages while reducing inefficient capital and storage costs is the central issue in inventory management. Taulia’s Inventory Management ecosystem takes a fresh, technology-led approach to tackling this issue.
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Webinar by Agiloft
Russell Investments Transforms its Global Contracting Process
Hear Russell Investments’ Morgan Walt discuss how she digitized the contracting process at the global investment solutions company. Her talk outlines the contracting challenges the company faced, her step-by-step approach to addressing immediate priorities and preparing for the long term
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