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Resilience through agility: Supply chain decision-making in a volatile world
Whitepaper by Achilles
Resilience through agility: Supply chain decision-making in a volatile world
Spotting, understanding and tackling threats in the supply chain – before they can disrupt the business – is now crucial to an organisation’s success
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Procurement automation: Driving progress through supplier adoption
Whitepaper by Nipendo
Procurement automation: Driving progress through supplier adoption
Making it easier for suppliers to use procure-to-pay systems could deliver enormous benefits to buyers and suppliers alike
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Case study by Arkestro
Box Partners with Arkestro to Establish an Inclusive and Diverse Supply Chain
Box is one of the most widely used enterprise technologies around the world for secure content management, workflow, and collaboration. Although Box is a cloud technology company, the role of procurement and sourcing is still widely entrenched in daily operations. Find out how Arkestro helped Box create an inclusive and diverse supply chain.
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Whitepaper by Infosys BPM
Keeping afloat the pharma industry amidst sea of supply chain disruptions
During the recent pandemic, the shortfall in pharmaceutical supplies and necessary healthcare due to the disruption in supply chain acted as wake-up call, forcing the pharma companies to consider the long pending upgradation in their procurement. This paper traces the effect of these disruptions and lists area towards developing greater supply resilience.
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Whitepaper by SAP
Chain reactions- Building value in procurement through digitalization
Procurement has taken the starring role in keeping supply chains moving. Supply chain disruptions, including the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing price volatility, have accelerated the need for procurement’s digital transformation. To learn more about how companies are adapting to overcome these challenges, we collaborated with Economist Impact to survey 430 procurement leaders worldwide. We uncovered leaders’ top priorities and found out how procurement is changing in today’s tumultuous business landscape. Our research also revealed the driving forces behind these key trends, as well as barriers to success for procurement.
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