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Roadmap - Autonomous Commerce: How technology is powering procurement's new paradigm
Whitepaper by JAGGAER
Roadmap - Autonomous Commerce: How technology is powering procurement's new paradigm
If procurement teams are to leverage technology to deliver on their strategic ambitions they must better understand what the function's IT investments are used for
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Supplier Perspective Survey
Whitepaper by HICX Solutions
Supplier Perspective Survey
As Dr. Elouise Epstein puts it, the way in which we work with suppliers simply has to change. Recent events have shown that ‘supplier experience’ is behind other areas, such as Customer experience (CX) and this can be damaging. It means that suppliers can often face unnecessary administrative burden, poor information sharing and slow communications. What should the new experience be like? Of course, one of the most important stakeholders are the suppliers themselves, so we asked them about their current experiences and what they feel should be improved. In this white paper, we explore the results of the survey, with recommendations for priorities based on the supplier view.
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Whitepaper by MARKIT
Challenges and Issues With Global Special Pricing Agreements in the IT Category
On the face of it, negotiating global special pricing agreements with IT manufacturers is a “no-brainer” but there are pitfalls to look out for, and alternatives to consider.
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Webinar by Amazon Business
Digital solutions to enable responsible purchasing
Learn how to implement organisation-wide or departmental buying policies that reinforce your organisation’s CSR purchasing goals, such as preferring local and diverse sellers and purchasing products with sustainability certifications. Fill out the form for free access to the webinar.
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Webinar by Beeline
Strategic procurement: Five reasons strong contingent workforce management is more important now than ever
Businesses need to adapt to changing situations and workforce requirements. Workforce continuity, flexibility, and resilience have become critically important to business survival. With the "Great Resignation" and in a talent scarce environment are you delivering the best strategy for your business?
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