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AI-powered procurement: Decode, deploy, deliver
Whitepaper by Ivalua
AI-powered procurement: Decode, deploy, deliver
CPOs must be prepared to pilot at pace, fail and learn from their mistakes to accelerate the adoption of AI and capture the full value that the technology offers
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Beyond centre-led: The future of procurement operating models
Whitepaper by SpendHQ
Beyond centre-led: The future of procurement operating models
Discover how functional structures are evolving in response to changing demands and their own particular circumstances
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Whitepaper by HSBC
Building resilient supply chains amid an uncertain geopolitical landscape
While looking for alternative sources of supply is a logical response to geopolitical risks and uncertainty, these do not solve the problem completely. Supply chain finance can help eliminate those risks
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Whitepaper by Focal Point
Driving value through flexible procurement
An agile procurement function will be one that can flex with demand, understanding the business’s priorities while retaining control of spend
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Whitepaper by GEP
Embedded AI: The catalyst for technological change
Procurement professionals are on the cusp of being able to work with configurable workflows, supported by powerful AI-driven tools
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