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The Big Picture: Beyond the sustainability pledge – transforming promises into progress
Whitepaper by GEP
The Big Picture: Beyond the sustainability pledge – transforming promises into progress
Procurement remains uniquely positioned to deliver lasting change through the supply chain – brokering deals that have a significant financial, environmental and social impact
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Report: Data-enabled supply chain transparency
Whitepaper by Ivalua
Report: Data-enabled supply chain transparency
Although a significant gap exists between organisations’ supply chain transparency aspirations and their current capabilities, teams can make improvements to deliver a supplier visibility boost
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Whitepaper by Keelvar
Getting ahead in volatile markets: How sourcing teams are winning with dynamic market sourcing
In an era defined by instability and uncertainty, procurement teams must ensure their sourcing processes are fit for purpose
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Whitepaper by JAGGAER
Roadmap - Autonomous Commerce: How technology is powering procurement's new paradigm
If procurement teams are to leverage technology to deliver on their strategic ambitions they must better understand what the function's IT investments are used for
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Whitepaper by Interos
Proactive resilience: A new source of competitive advantage
Although supply chain mapping may seem a lofty aspiration for the overwhelming majority of companies that have no visibility beyond Tier-1, it is possible – with the right technology
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