Operationalising ESG: Sourcing as a force for good

Operationalising ESG: Sourcing as a force for good

Developing and executing on an environmental, social and governance (ESG) agenda is no longer an optional extra for businesses: ESG performance is a vital competitive differentiator.

Given the majority of an organisation’s ESG footprint lies within its supply chain, procurement teams are assuming a pivotal role in driving improved ESG performance to deliver significant long-term value for the C-suite and, ultimately, shareholders.

The challenge for procurement teams is operationalising ESG: transforming the organisation’s ESG aspirations and ambitions into concrete supplier selection choices using collaborative and transparent systems that do not inhibit the function's productivity or business impact.

Download this Procurement Leaders whitepaper, published in association with Workday, to gain insights into:

  • Selecting systems to gather, store and use ESG data in decision-making.
  • The importance of configurability, collaboration, and flexibility in helping to operationalise ESG.
  • Areas of focus for procurement executives.