Report: Data-enabled supply chain transparency

Report: Data-enabled supply chain transparency

Although supply chain transparency has been a longstanding challenge for procurement teams, recent supply disruptions stemming from events such as the Covid-19 pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have placed the issue firmly in the spotlight.

As supply chains become more widely understood as complex webs that include numerous overlaps and interdependencies, it is security – not savings – that businesses increasingly require their purchasing teams to deliver. Gaining access to supply chain information could prove a vital source of competitive advantage and the businesses that understand this have elevated supply chain transparency to a board-level concern.

Although organisations’ demand greater supply chain visibility, procurement functions are struggling to deliver. To make progress towards their supply chain visibility ambitions, procurement must adopt a holistic approach to data accessibility, quality and governance; and ensure the right blend of technology and a data-literate team are in place to capitalise on the opportunities that transparency will present.

Informed by interviews with leading digital procurement experts, as well as survey responses from procurement professionals, Data-enabled supply chain transparency, published in partnership with Ivalua, provides insights into the obstacles that prevent teams from gaining supply chain visibility.

  • The areas in which leaders plan to invest over the next 12 months to improve supply chain transparency.
  • The data sources procurement teams are currently leveraging – and the opportunities they are missing as a result.
  • Case studies from organisations that have delivered significant improvements in supply chain transparency – and the benefits these have yielded.