Purpose-driven procurement: Entering an age of holistic value

Purpose-driven procurement: Entering an age of holistic value

Having pivoted rapidly to support the business during a series of unprecedented circumstances – the global Covid-19 pandemic, sustained price inflation, shortages, and the effects of several geopolitical crises – the evolution of procurement in recent years has been stunning: teams have delivered more, across a broader range of areas and often with tight resources.

As disruption and inflation begin to ease, however, CPOs find themselves at an inflection point. Does the function return quietly to the back office? Or do leaders forge a new way forward?

Following the successes they enjoyed during the pandemic, the opportunity exists for purchasing teams to leverage their position to unearth new sources of value in areas such as risk management, innovation and sustainability – where procurement, more than any other function, is uniquely placed to tackle the bulk of the organisation’s environmental and social footprint.

If they have the strength of character to reimagine what procurement is and what it can be, the scale of the opportunity for leaders to forge a lasting legacy for themselves, their teams and their organisation knows no bounds.

Download Purpose-driven procurement: Entering the age of holistic value to gain insights into:

  • Elevating the function's impact: Why CPOs are looking beyond delivering shareholder value and reimagining procurement's value proposition.
  • Selling procurement to the business: The steps that leaders are taking to increase their influence within the organisation.
  • Measuring value holistically: The metrics that will enable CPOs to assess their function's impact on the business, the communities from which they source, and the planet.