Proactive resilience: A new source of competitive advantage

Proactive resilience: A new source of competitive advantage

The Covid-19 pandemic, geopolitical tensions and logistics delays have exposed the fragile and interconnected nature of global supply chains. A single incident can initiate a ripple effect that leaves a trail of disruption that can interfere with the operations of numerous companies – or even entire industries.

In this volatile and rapidly changing environment, it is no longer enough to race to disruption. Companies must develop the capabilities to fully understand their supply chains and develop proactive mitigation activities before any threats can have an impact.

Supply chain mapping is no longer an aspiration – it's an imperative. Although it may seem impossible to the overwhelming majority of companies that have no visibility beyond Tier-1, it is possible – with the right technology.

Download this Procurement Leaders whitepaper, in partnership with Interos, to gain insights into the following areas:

  • Why companies' approaches to risk must change – from managing threats to designing supply chains for resilience.
  • How organisations can deploy technology to model risks and map their supply chains to understand weaknesses and dependencies in lower tiers to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Best practice guidance to help effectively insulate the organisation from supply chain risks.