Building resilient supply chains amid an uncertain geopolitical landscape

Building resilient supply chains amid an uncertain geopolitical landscape


Supply chain disruption is not new: shipwrecks, piracy, and natural disasters have disrupted supply chains for centuries. But the supply chain disruption keeping procurement executives awake at night in 2024 is very different from the disruption that their predecessors worried about in 1924 or 1824. Simply put, geopolitical uncertainties and tensions have never had a greater potential to wreak havoc on trade flows.

Download this Procurement Leaders whitepaper, sponsored by HSBC, to gain insights into:

  • The difficulties procurement teams face as they seek to redesign their supply chains to minimise the impact of potential threats.
  • The role supply chain finance can play in de-risking trading relationships.
  • The four-stage risk and assessment and mitigation process that can help teams plan more effectively in an uncertain environment.

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