Cultivate an enterprising supply chain in adverse conditions

Cultivate an enterprising supply chain in adverse conditions

In the face of financial pressure and immense disruption, being responsible as a procurement team is increasingly as much to do with keeping cost down as it is in reflecting an organisations values in its sourcing and purchasing decisions. If your organisation is unable to support smaller suppliers, to be nimble in selecting and working with different areas of the supply base, to be deliberate in recognising suppliers’ CSR credentials, then businesses lofty ambitions are going to be limited by who they buy from. And for many industries, there is an onus on procurement to play a role in the prosperity of suppliers that would struggle in the harsh climate of 2020.

This webinar will help you learn: how to identify the right opportunities to support suppliers, unlock the potential of partnerships with suppliers, as well as helping them weather the storm.

In particular, this discussion will focus on:

How should procurement teams be rethinking supplier management to support a more agile, flexible business

What approaches are key to ensuring SMEs manage risk and continue to deliver value

How can businesses get true sight of the balance between preserving cash and creating risk in the supply chain

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