Identifying use cases for AI: Turning vision into reality

Identifying use cases for AI: Turning vision into reality


Can the world of business keep up with the AI hype? Managing expectations surrounding the technology to build a more enlightened and productive function is key.

AI’s sandbox nature and seemingly limitless potential could be viewed as a challenge, giving rise to more questions than answers. Where does an organisation start? Who will control AI? Who will use it? Who will regulate its use?

Procurement supports strategy, drives efficiencies and manages risk. The function undertakes these through data-driven decision-making while building relationships. While AI promises to help organisations unlock insights and enhance procurement’s value, CPOs must

Download this Big Picture whitepaper, published in partnership with GEP, to gain insights into:

  • The actions leaders are taking to prepare their functions for the AI age
  • The skills gaps organisations must bridge to maximise the value of the technology
  • Illustrative use-cases for AI