CPO Compass 2024

CPO Compass 2024


While procurement teams have been forced to deal with successive day-to-day crises over the past few years, the future they are faced with looks increasingly uncertain.

Powerful new technologies promise to transform not just the procurement itself and the supply chain, but the economy as a whole. Geopolitical tensions loom on the horizon and frightening bouts of extreme weather threaten communities and infrastructure around the world. 

While maintaining a grip on their functions’ present priorities, leaders also need to take the time to consider the bigger picture and adjust their course as necessary. 

With that in mind, the CPO Compass 2024 looks ahead to the challenges and opportunities procurement could encounter not just next year, but over the next five years and beyond. 

We have split these challenges into three thematic areas – the new digital frontier, the global trade race and the climate countdown – but the reality is they are inextricably linked. 

Preparing for this complex future is an ongoing process and nobody has all the answers. But with the help of insights from leading subject-matter experts, as well as a survey of leading procurement executives, the CPO Compass 2024 provides a starting point from which to think about the challenges that lie ahead. 

Download the report to gain insights into:

  • The new digital frontier: Rapid advances in robotics and AI will impact procurement functions more than leaders can appreciate – Procurement Leaders reveals the steps CPOs must take to react.
  • The global trade race: With resilience now the watch-word in procurement, experts deep-dive into evolving geopolitical relationships and the rise of new powers – and how that will affect supply chains
  • The climate countdown: Despite the political backlash against ESG, extreme weather is wreaking havoc on supply chains. Experts explain the actions leaders should take now as the clock ticks down towards 2030.