Strike the balance between simple purchasing and controlling spendb2b

Strike the balance between simple purchasing and controlling spendb2b

How can you make buying simpler? Businesses need to be able to be agile, flexible, responsive to an intense pace of change, they can’t do this while mired in complex, lengthy processes. At the same time, in an environment where procurement teams are charged with delivering efficiencies, you need to be able to have sight of and control over spend to deliver your strategy.

This webinar will focus on the levers that you have at your disposal to maintain that balance and how you and your team need to be rethinking your approach to put the power in the hands of your stakeholders as they look to evolve the business.

• How are smart organisations perceiving that balance as the demands on businesses have shifted in current times

• What tools are key to putting these ideas into practice and how do teams need to adapt to take advantage

• What does governance look like in an agile, fast-paced business: who owns it, how are they able to influence spend decisions

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